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“In His Light” Candles

Our candles are sold under the business name of “In His Light.” God is the light that lights our path and therefore we felt the name was a perfect match!

What makes our soy candles so great?

Soy is all natural. The wax is 100% from the soybeans which means there is nothing harmful going into the air as they are burning. We always put over the recommended fragrance oil to assure our customers of a beautiful and fragrant candle. Soy is a long burning wax therefore our candles will burn longer than candles made from other waxes. The wicks are lead free and each candle has been created by our family.

Our candles are available in two sizes; half pints which are poured into a Richard gift jar or our pints sizes. These gift jars lend a country look and are strong and durable. The lids are a bronze rustic color accenting the already beautiful country theme.

Where are our candles available?

Right here on Cook Family Farm in our store that we call, The Cabin! Because we attend several farmers markets throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter season where we sell our all natural meat, we also bring along some of our favorite soy candle scents. We ship candles throughout the United States, so it is easy to place an order and enjoy our beautiful family made candles. The candles are also available for fundraisers. They make a great easy fund raising program. Please call us at 989.731.1332 for details. Everyone loves candles and supporting a local business!!

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