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Grass Fed Chickens

Our passion for eating healthy began after reading, Pastured Poultry by Joel Salatin. How do you wear out a book? You take it to the brooder with you and wherever you go as a resource and answer to your chicken raising questions. The covers come off, pages are taped back together and you tuck it away and begin with a new one. So now we are on our second book of Pastured Poultry and are just as thankful 10 years later for the wisdom that is between those covers.

How do we raise our chickens?

We nestle them in snug and warm in our broader for the first 3 to 4 weeks and then they are moved outside into our movable tents to soak in the warm sunshine and graze upon the fresh grass, water and bugs each day. Our chickens call a white canvas tent home and are moved each morning to enjoy a new crop of green grass. The feed we make is specially ground for us weekly according to our recipe by the Amish. Our automatic watering system gives our Chickens unlimited fresh water all the time. NO MEDICATIONS, NO ADDITIVES AND NO FACTORY FARMING METHODS PRACTICED.

Where do you find our chickens?

From May through October you can find fresh chicken each week right here on the farm. You will also find us at 2 farmers markets (Boyne City and Charlevoix) throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter months.

Fresh chicken is great, but since we will only raise grass fed chicken that becomes impossible when those white snowflakes begin and our grass is hidden until spring. How can you get chicken through the winter months? Right here on the Cook Family Farm in our store that we call, The Cabin. We vacuum pack our whole chickens, boneless skinless breasts, thighs and drumsticks, wings and carcasses and freeze them for our customers to enjoy all winter! We hope that you are able to visit us here on the farm or at our many farmers markets.

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