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Grass Fed Beef

Black Cows that are grass fed beef also called, salad bar beef. Why salad bar? Our steers enjoy an unlimited variety of greens to graze on. As all of our animals our steers are NOT GIVEN MEDICATIONS, NO ANTIBIOTICS, and NO GROWTH HORMONES.

Beef is available by the ¼, ½, or wholes. All processing is done in a USDA plant and all cuts are vacuum packed. Our beef is cut in a variety of different ways; steaks, roasts, ribs, kabob meat, hot dogs, summer sausages, beef sticks and of course ground beef 90% lean.

How can you find our beef?

Right here on the Cook Family Farm in our store that we call, The Cabin. We also attend two farmers markets (Boyne City and Charlevoix) throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter months. We hope that you are able to visit us here on the farm or at one the farmers markets we attend!

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