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Grass Fed Pork

What are pigerators? This is when pigs are used to turn up the soil. Our pigs are moved around the pig pastures from spring to fall. They are able to root up all the grass, bugs and roots that they want. The automatic waters provide endless fresh water. We keep a mud puddle for them to cool down and enjoy. Our pork is processed WITHOUT the use of Nitrates or MSGs.

Customers enjoy many cuts of grass fed pork; pork chops, bacon, ham, three varieties of bacon, two flavors of breakfast sausage, ribs, pork loins, pork roast and several types of brats.

Where can you find our pork?

Right here on the Cook Family Farm in our store that we call, The Cabin. We also attend two farmers markets (Boyne City and Charlevoix) throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter months. We hope that you are able to visit us here on the farm or at one of the farmers markets we attend. Our pork is sold by the ½, wholes or individual packages. All processing is done in a USDA plant and all cuts are vacuum packed.

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