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Farm Fresh Eggs

What are happy hens? Our hens are happy because they are free to roam all over the grass eating a variety of greens, bugs and occasionally Mom’s flowers. The hens are all owned by Scott the oldest son on the Cook Family Farm.

Scott’s business began when his Great Grandpa Jones passed away and at the age of 9 Scott was given Grandpa’s remaining 9 hens. This love of farming has grown into owning around 500 laying hens. Now that is a lot of eggs to wash every day.

Why are free ranging hens eggs healthier?

The farm fresh eggs contain the Omega 3 vitamins that we all need. We can only get those vitamins from the animals that have been allowed to roam pick and eat green grasses. How can you get eggs that truly have yolks that are a bright yellow and whites that will whip up the best meringues?

Our farm fresh eggs are available right here on the Cook Family Farm all year. You can also find them at the seven farmers markets that we attend throughout the spring, summer and fall months. Stop by and enjoy a delicious fresh egg for your breakfast plate.