Whole Pork


$200 DEPOSIT REQUIRED to secure your Whole Pork.

$3.50 per pound
Average hanging weight is 200 pounds

Processing Fee (Paid to Ebels) on average $200

$200 DEPOSIT REQUIRED to secure your Whole Pork.

Your deposit will secure your pork order and we will contact you when your animal is being processed and then contact you when the it is available for pick up here at the farm. If you have not called our processor, Ebel’s, they will contact you before they process your order to collect their processing fee and also get your instructions for your cuts.


  1. Pay $200 Deposit. You will receive an email confirmation of your order.
  2. Call Ebel’s Market (USDA Meat processor) (231) 826-3333 Extension 230
    a. Inform Ebel’s that you have purchased a Whole Pork from Cook Family Farm ( You will need to pay Ebel’s a $200 processing fee)
    b. If you know how you would like your Whole Pork cut and packaged, you can give them instructions.
    c. If you are unsure, the friendly people at Ebel’s Market are very helpful in guiding you through the order process.
  3. Cook Family Farm will contact you when your Whole Pork is ready to pick up.
  4. Pay your balance direct when picking up.

CLICK HERE to view Ebels Processing Guide!